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F. O. F.
Team D - University of Phoenix
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Reading to Fill Out Forms (F.O.F.)


Library Card Application Activity

This activity provides practice for elementary school students to fill out forms.  Students are given functional folders with directions on how to answer questions contained in forms.  The objective is to provide students independent practice in reading “real world” print.  The print items selected are glued on the left side of a file folder. Three sets of questions, written on index cards are placed on the right side of the folder.  Questions are written at three levels of difficulty, targeted at the lower-, average-, and above-average reading levels for students in the class.


Set 1: (for the lowest reader)

In what order is your name written?

What format would you use for a birth date?

Are applications filled out in pencil or ink?

Set 2: (for the average reader)

What is your age group?

What other information is needed for this application?

Would you write your email address or mailing address?

Set 3: (for the best readers)

Can you sign the application if you are under the age of 13?

Who assumes financial responsibility for the use of the card?

What is the county where you live?



Functional Folder Answer Sheet







Folder Code

Set #




F.O.F #1


Line one & two

Local Contact Number

Pencil or Ink




Gender & Language

In the Box