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F. D. - 1

Team D - University of Phoenix
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Following Directions - Activity 1


Easter Egg Hunt (Game Directions)


The day before the Easter Egg Hunt, students will be given the functional folders with directions (game directions) on how to find Easter eggs at an Easter egg hunt that will be conducted at school.  The objective is to create enthusiasm for the hunt the next day and also to provide students independent practice in reading “real world” print.


The print items selected (desk, tree, mailbox, chair, water fountain, car, flagpole, fence, shrubs, flowerpot, window, office, gymnasium, cafeteria, trash can, bleachers, etc.) have been glued on the left side of a file folder. Three sets of questions are written on index cards on the right side of the folder and are written at three levels of difficulty, targeted at the lower-, average-, and above-average reading levels for children in the Easter Egg Hunt.  


Set 1: (for the lowest reader)

Is the egg under the desk?

Is the egg under the chair?

Is the egg near the door?

Set 2: (for the average reader)

How many eggs can you find near the tree?

How many eggs can you find near the flagpole?

How many eggs can you find near the cafeteria

Set 3: (for the best readers)

How many eggs will you find under the roots of the maple tree?

How many eggs are near the gymnasium?

How many eggs are under the bleachers in the football field?


1.    The folder code is written on the answer sheet.

2.       Select the questions and answer them. When you are finished, lift the card and compare your answers with the ones on the back of the card.


Each folder has a folder code to facilitate record keeping and identify the objective of the folder. Thus, folder code F.D. #1, indicates Following Directions, folder Number 1.  A master list is used to record the code and contents of each folder. The Master List looks like this:

Functional Folder Master List

Folder Code


Folder Contents

F. D. #1


Easter Egg Hunt


The children will be provided with an answer sheet. It consolidates all the students’ activities with folders on one sheet. The following illustrates the format and content of a typical folder and a sample answer sheet.


Easter Egg Hunt Locations



Set 1






Set 2





Set 3






Functional Folder Answer Sheet







Folder Code

Set #




F.D. #1


Answers will vary.







































A large number of colored eggs will be purchased in advance of Easter break (Spring Break) for an Easter Egg Hunt.   Most supermarkets or discount stores have plastic eggs at this time of year. The eggs will be hidden inside the school building and outdoors. The Easter Egg Hunt is for children in either the second or third grade. The directions to find the first Easter Egg will be written on strips of paper and passed out to children just before the hunt. The eggs hidden will be filled with little candies and trinkets. 


A large quantity of eggs will be hidden throughout the school and outdoors.  The object is to let the children see who can find the greatest number of eggs. First, second, and third place prizes (chocolate bunnies) will be given to the winners able to find the largest amount of eggs.